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Available for production

Color's Garden:

An Adventure with the Elements of Art

Commissioned by the

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.


Inspired by the Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse, this fantasy follow a trio -- Color, Line, and Shape - as they work and play to capture a whole new way of seeing, feeling, and making art.



Commissioned by the

Round House Theatre,

Bethesda, MD.

The Lewis Carroll classic

through the lens of an Alice,

who facing her 13th birthday, escapes into a wonderland to answer the timeless question, “Who are you?”

Stay Awake

Premiered as part of the

2015 Womens' Voices

Theatre Festival,

Washington, DC

What happens when the pieces of the mobile hanging over your bed pop off and take you on an adventure?! This highly interactive theatrical experience for ages 1 - 4 follows Mia and her playful dog as they imaginatively discover the big, big world.

The Hundred Dresses

Adapted from the book by Eleanor Estes

Commissioned by

Seattle Children’s Theatre

When a young Polish immigrant is bullied by her classmates, Maddie discovers that standing by silently is just as bad as acting that way herself.  A compelling contemporary adaptation of this classic children’s book.

Spirit Shall Fly

Commissioned by Stage One

Louisville, KY


As an alternative to jail, a recently arrested inner-city boy works with an Appalachian horse whisperer to tame a traumatized wild mustang. Together the three discover trust, patience, and self-worth as they break free from their personal prisons and journey together toward wholeness.

Forward, 54th!

Commissioned by the

National Gallery of Art

Washington, DC.

Inspired by

Augustus Saint Gaudens'

Shaw Memorial, this moving

play for four actors and one musician celebrates the heroism of The 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War . 

Dancing Solo

Commissioned by Theatre Project Company, St. Louis, MO.


A 16-year-old aspiring modern dancer struggles to complete the choreography for a dance as she confronts her mother's alcoholism and her own denial. A powerful theatrical piece that probes the complexity of our choices.


Commissioned by the

California Theatre Center

Two very different 14-year-olds --Rene, a budding artist with learning disabilities, and Katie, an over-achieving

perfectionist-- confront one another and themselves during their parents' weekend reunion getaway.

The Reluctant Dragon

Based on the book by

Kenneth Grahame


Co-commissioned by the Kennedy Center and Seattle Children's Theatre


A charming tale of an unlikely friendship between a young boy and a peace-loving dragon who would much prefer a cup of tea to a battle with Saint George. This popular adaptation embraces the dramatic power of what happens when misunderstanding escalates into prejudice and violence.

Most Valuable Player

Created with the original cast of the

California Theatre Center

This internationally acclaimed play tells the story of Jackie Robinson's struggle to break the color barrier to integrate American major league baseball. An inspiring story that highlights Robinson's courage, resilience, and extraordinary athleticism.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Commissioned by the

Kennedy Center


Inspired by a bewitching cat, a lazy apprentice, Klaus, tries to use his master's magic to do everyday chores. Not only Klaus but the Sorcerer, too, must learn to use their magical powers and struggle with the good and evil at their command. A timeless tale told in a highly theatrical style.


Commissioned by the

California Theatre Center


What do you do when your child possesses an extraordinary gift? A daring look at Mozart's childhood and the role his parents and public played in his developing genius. Complete with a musical score, the play soars into the past

as it shines a light on our contemporary competitive culture.

Apollo: To the


An exciting look at the breathtaking risks and unforgettable heroism of the American Space program. Told through the lens of one young man’s dream to become an astronaut, this solo performance takes you on the journey that gripped

the nation.

What Part

Will I Play?

An internationally successful script for 13 young women, ages 12 - 16, set within a theatrical audition that powerfully probes their hopes, fears, and futures.

An anthology of plays is available, including:

Most Valuable Player


Dancing Solo

Broken Rainbows


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