Expand Perspective. Deepen Understanding. Build Empathy.
One Child at a Time.

Discover how creative writing and drama-powered workshops can help transform students, schools, and communities.

Demonstration Teaching

Give your teachers the chance to  immediately try on the drama/creative writing tools and discover the impact and outcomes with their students from

Mary Hall's professional development workshops.

Empowering Voice: Playwriting for Teens

What stories do teens need and want to imagine and to tell on stage? 

Mary Hall's teen workshops provide a grounding in "the structure of action" and range from an introductory session to a 6-part course that result in 10-minute plays from all  participants.

Drama as Discovery

What concerns, desires, and dreams are most  central to the life of the community -- both as individuals and as a  group?  This powerful workshop offers students -- indeed, any population -- an opportunity to give expression to those concerns on stage.  Workshops range from an introductory session to semester-long residencies.

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